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ShankuChakra  (Masala)

Success of ShankuChakra Masala lies in the innovation of manufacturing procedures, as there were no definite machinery for specific production of spice and spice mixes. With the growing experience, suitable changes were made in order to match the requirements that made all the differences in manufacturing spice powders and spice mixes which retain the aroma and flavor. 

Tradition and Technology perfectly blended' is the success of ShankuChakra Masala. With all the quality of being humble (humility), we can declare that ShankuChakra Masala is qualitatively a superior product because the raw materials used are the best and are processed and packed hygienically. The company uses modern technology in drying the raw materials.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

We procured products directly from manufacturers, authorized distributors. All products packed in our warehouse quality check list. All required permissions and licences as per Indian government guidelines. We have all required permissions and licences as per Indian government guidelines. ShankuChakra Working towards customer satisfaction 

Customer Branding and Packaging

Branding, packaging and coding as per customer requirement. We are Specialized in Consolidated Container Stuffing. We are Specialized in Consolidated Container Stuffing. We offer stuffing in one container from single product to multiple products. 

ShankuChakra (Spices, Rice, Pulses Exports)

India can now boast of a global presence in the International Spices Markets, commanding more than  20% of volume traded. No other country has such a wide array of Spices ranging from cumin and Fenugreek to Cardamom & Pepper.. This exotic spread has fetched us good money too.

Indian exports have achieved a milestone in catering to the International demands, for this segment,  Indian curry powders ( with truly South Indian, North Indian flavour) perhaps give them the feeling of  " home away from the home".

To fulfil the needs of the Indian Community outside Indian as well as the International Community, the company Product are made available in the Market in many Countries of the World. ' ShankuChakra 

Masala Products are exported to Countries like USA, UK, Singapore, Kuwait, Australia, New Zeeland, Hongkong, France, South Korea, Muscat and Canada.